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Monthly Archives: July 2013

World Food Prize 2013 – Monsanto ???????

Check out this video and read the article at on the nomination of Monsanto for the World Food Prize for 2013.

Monsanto Video Revolt

This is just one of many videos that were posted on the Internet today in support of the Monsanto Video Revolt.

Go to find more videos or search “Monsanto Video Revolt” to find other great videos submitted today.

Don’t forget to share them with as many people as you can.

What is more likely?

What is more Likely? That over 50 countries are over-reacting to GMOs and pesticides OR that Monsanto is the most vile corporation on Earth hell-bent on owning our food supply?

Superweeds: How Biotech Crops Bolster the Pesticide Industry

As weeds grow resistant to Monsanto’s Roundup pesticides, farmers are forced to spray larger quantities and more hazardous types of chemicals to keep these “superweeds” at bay. As a result, the health of the farmers and our environment are at risk.

Learn more in Food & Water Watch’s superweeds report: http://