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Municipal Candidates’ replies Nov 11, 2014

GE Free Comox Valley e-mailed  3 questions  to the candidates of the municipal elections of Comox Valley
on Nov.9th.  Replies received up to Nov 11th are tabulated below.
           A  .Would you support and work  to  make Comox Valley  a Prime  Destination for growers, producers, distributors
                  and vendors of  healthy,sustainable and Non GMO  (Non genetically modified) food.?
B.  Given that the Comox Valley  is such a sought  after place because of its natural beauty, will you support aprocurement  procedure  for each of the municipal jurisdiction to  abstain from purchasing
genetically engineered plants, trees, and seeds to grow within its district ?
C. Our island  has  only 3-5 days of food to sustain this small population. Should we not think  then to make our agriculture more sustainable and viable  for the long term.?? we used to produce 80% of our own food.

Enclosed is a short letter, very concise and simple, explaining the latest science  on the danger of growing food using this current  monoculture method. Using Round-Up  ready and related chemicals is  killing our soil, the fugus,bacteria and insects , and bees which we need to make plants grow and thrive, not to mention the harm it causes to our bodies. ( ref: Dr. THierry Vrain’s letter to Rona Ambrose Oct 24th,14)
I hope you will consider to share my vision  how Comox Valley can be a hub of healthy food production again. Thank you.
Replies: Received within 48 hrs. either by phone or mail.(Nov 10,11).  
We want to thank those who took the time to reply as this is  the last few days of the race.
Full support:   Barbara Price ( instrumental in passing of GE Free Vancouver Island motion at UBCM)
                       Hugh McKinnon ( instrurmental in passing of GE Free Vanc. Is motion at UBCM 2013)
                         Vivienne Webster
Open to idea: Don Davis ( GMOs are crazy)
Unknown:  Marg Grant (” not appropriate for Candidate to express an opinion” )
Full support:  Doug Hillian  ( instrumental in passing GE Free Vanc Island motion 2013)
                   David Frisch, with a vision for local growers
                   George Knox, knowledge of dead soil in California.
                  Rebecca Lennox,  supports procurement policy
                   Dan Doerkson.( his campaign slogan: Common sense ,hard working)
Open to idea:   Terry Chaney wants more info
                         Jon Ambler likes more scientific info.
Full Support:  Gwyn Sproule (Voted for Vanc Island GE Free at UBCM 2013)
                      Roger Kishi
                      Colin Failler (” devising a local plan to ensure sustainability in the Comox Valley”.)
Area A:
 Full supports : Wayne Anderson:( abhorrent to learn that Health Canada does no independent testing of foods to determine the health effects of how they are produced. To demand greater disclosure and research.)
AreaC :
Full Support: James Derry strong support for local producers.

GE Potatoes coming?? again??


November 2014: The US government has approved a GM potato for the market - called the "Innate" potato from the company Simplot. The company says that the potato is genetically engineered to resist bruising and reduce asparagine, an amino acid in potato that reacts with some sugars to oxidize into acrylamide - a possible carcinogen - at around 120F (49C), especially during high-temperature frying. This is the first time since consumer rejection forced Monsanto's GM insect-resistant potato off from the market in 2001, that a GM potato has been proposed. Will this new GM potato make it to market? Here is the November 8 report from The Guardian UK

Take Action

Ask McDonalds 1-888-424-4622

Please see that the US government has approved a GM potato. Please see below CBAN summary which is now posted on the website.

There is a story in the Guardian UK Nov 8

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