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Briefs on the latest international news on GMOs from GM Watch

GM Watch is a  Uk  based  source of  international news about Genetic Engineering.  They have daily, weekly or monthly versions.

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Using plain and forceful language, the Catholic leader has made it clear that he’s against GMO crops. In speaking out, he’s also defying US foreign policy. Missourian
China’s middle class is around 700 million people and leading German farm company KTG Agrar sees strong demand there for organic German foods free from GMOs.Reuters
Under legal pressure, the EPA has agreed to begin a far-reaching evaluation of how some of the most commonly used pesticides affect more than 1,500 endangered plants and animals. Roundup – used on 80% of GM crops – is among them. Summit County Citizens Voice
The Environmental Protection Agency endangers public health by refusing to require disclosure of falsely characterized “inert” ingredients in pesticides, environmentalists claim in court. For example, a study shows that the formulation Roundup is far more toxic than the isolated active ingredient glyphosate, even though glyphosate alone is tested and assessed for regulatory approvals. The study also finds that this is a general principle for many pesticides. Courthouse News Service/GMWatch
US farmer Jim Goodman questions the notion that people should give corporations the right to control the food system. The Cap Times



July 1st Booth in Lewis Park & Postcards to Courtenay Council for a GE Free Purchasing Policy.

Happy Canada Day!
Come join G E  Free Comox Valley at Lewis Park. July 1st  2015, 10am-4pm.
This dynamic team is planning a booth there with new panels, interactive games and postcard writing to Courtenay Council for the GE Free Purchasing Policy.
Drop in to say hi and  write your  post card.
Up date of the process: What stage is  our request at in  Courtenay City Hall?
On May 4th, 2015, Courtenay City Council voted to research on the  Economic Impact of a GE Free purchasing policy for the City of Courtenay.
Our request  is for the City of Courtenay when it buys plants, trees for beautification or vending and catering., to choose to buy GE Free products.
 It is not a policy  to impose on the general public. We are requesting the City to show leadership
on this issue  and promote our growing reputation as a healthy organic community.
A Purchasing Policy would enable more products to be developed in the valley, being an economic driver, and this policy would tie in very well with a BUY LOCAL policy and keep $$ in the community.
The City ‘s new  Chief Financial Officer  is beginning his job July 1. He will review the report that is being written now  and then this report will be presented to Council for the final vote. We do not know the date of this vote.. Before or after the summer recess.

THe vibes  we are  receiving is that it is a contentious issue  for the City.

SO  IF we want to get this Policy ,.We, the residents, have to push for it  in  every way we can.
Please talk to your friends, write to media, talk to the Councillors during this summer  so that this issue is taken seriously and forcefully.
 Linda Cheu
on behalf of GE Free CV

5 mins humorous video on Monsanto’s Round -Up (June 2015)

Monsanto ~ Home

Monsanto now has control over as much as 90 percent of seed genetics on the planet.

Why does this matter? Watch this humorous, entertaining, and chillingly accurate 5-minute video to find out. Then tell everyone you know.;
Want to take action? Share this video! And if you want to go further, you can join the Food Revolution Network’s Campaign, calling on Coca-Cola to stop fighting GMO labeling.

Coke says it supports transparency and consumer empowerment. But last year, the company spent more than $2 million fighting against labeling of genetically engineered foods in Oregon and Colorado.

Click here to join the Coke boycott, and to stand with more than 300,000 people in demanding that Coca-Cola stop fighting against GMO labeling.

Monsanto GMOs Defeated by Oregon Organic Farmers as Federal Judge Upholds Seed Ban | Alternet

May 29, 2015 marked a legal victory for no GMO legislators, with a court ruling in favour of Jackson County, Oregon’s ordinance banning GE seed.

“On Friday, Mark D. Clarke, a federal magistrate judge, dismissed a legal challenge brought by commercial farmers who use Monsanto’s genetically modified alfalfa seeds. The non-organic farms sought to overturn a 2014 ordinance passed by Jackson County voters that banned the use of such seed stock, claiming that the anti-GMO ordinance violated their right to farm.

However Judge Clarke concluded that exactly the opposite was the case. He held that the county’s no-GMO seed ordinance could take effect next week, citing earlier state legislation that protected commercial farms—in this case organic farmers—from harm from other commercial enterprises, such as the commercial farms whose GMO-laced alfalfa pollen gets carried by the wind and can’t be stopped from tainting organic crops.”

Read the whole story by Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet.

via Monsanto GMOs Defeated by Oregon Organic Farmers as Federal Judge Upholds Seed Ban | Alternet.