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Courtenay Estuary corn fields

Courtenay’s estuary has fields of corn ready for harvest.
The fields are an image of abundance and plenty. Beautiful rows of corn with no weeds in between.
Weeds and unwanted planted are only found on the edge of the fields.
Do you know what kind of corn grows there?
Can I give you a clue?

This rich and fertile land is growing genetical engineered (GE) corn for animal feed.
GE corn are designed to tolerate the pesticide Round-Up Ready, and by spraying this pesticide, the fields are guaranteed weed free. But at what price !! as this field is so close to our estuary and it is also a space for migrating birds.

Keep an eye on this beautiful field the next time you drive by the estuary and write to City Council  and Ducks Unlimited Canada  about what you think. ( Ask these organizations to require agricultural practices that are appropriate for this sensitive habitat.


3 responses to “Courtenay Estuary corn fields

  1. Fran Kwiecien August 31, 2015 at 6:04 am

    Thanks for this article! While looking for the waterways affected by the contamination of RoundUp, I noted that according to the Project Watershed maps, the Comox Bay farm (formerly known as Farquharson’s) is in Regional District B so the CVRD would be the ones to contact.

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