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Glyphosate studies 2013: a) environmental impact b) Gluten relevance.

The first is a review of glyphosate risks in civilian friendly language, from Friends of Europe that is not hard core science but is very clear. The 2nd is a scientific study from the US Library of National Medicine that links glyphosate, gut bacteria destruction & gluten intolerance/reactivity that is now rampant. I liked their use of verifiable facts to show the gluten free mvt. is not just ‘trendy marketing’ but actually a verifiable shift in human gut pathology that points to roundup exposure. Important for people to know and think it would catch the attention of the average person….  source
Samsel, A. & Seneff, S., Interdisciplinary Toxicology. 2013 Dec; 6(4): 159–184.


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