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Letter of Support for GE Free Preferential Purchase Policy for Courtenay City Hall

Councilor David Frisch brought the motion forward to investigate a Genetically Engineered free preferential purchasing policy at the Oct 19 CourtenayCouncil meeting. Not a ban on GE for the City of Courtenay, just preferential purchasing for City Hall events.  The adopted motion is a reflection of a global awareness of the many unknowns about GE foods.

GE foods have only a 20 year commercial history. The reality is, we do not know enough about  the effects on humans to regard them as absolutely safe for humans. There are numerous published scientific papers revealing results that are cause for concern.

3 points to consider:

Unintended Allergies,

Decrease in Nutritional Value,

Unknown result in lateral transfer of genes.

Consider allergiesGenetic engineering can transfer allergens from foods to which people know they are allergic, to foods that they think are safe.  This is not in theory. A gene from the Brazil nut was injected into a soybean and the products made from the engineered soybeans created serious allergic reactions from people with nut allergies. Engineered foods could be creating thousands of different and new allergic responses.  We just don’t know.

The nutrition of GE foods may also be compromised. A study from George Mason University in Virginia in 2003, published in the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health, declares that GE soybeans produces less phytoestrogen compounds, believed to help fight heart disease and cancer, than non- GE soybeans. Their conclusion, “ it is possible that genetically modified food will lack important nutrients that are normally present in the corresponding natural, nongenetically engineered food”.

Clearly, we need to know more about the effects of GE foods before exposure to humans or animals. Geneticist David Suzuki exclaimed, “By slipping it into our food without our knowledge, without any indication that there are genetically modified organisms in our food, we are now unwittingly part of a massive experiment. The FDA has said that genetically modified organisms are not much different from regular food, so they’ll be treated the same way. The problem is, geneticists follow the inheritance of genes, what biotechnology allows us to do is to take this organism, and move in horizontally into a totally unrelated species. switching genes from one to the other without regard for the biological constraints. It’s very very bad science, we assume that the principals governing the inheritance of genes vertically, applies when you move genes laterally or horizontally. There’s absolutely no reason to make that conclusion”

Now ask yourself, would I feed GE food to my children with all of these unknowns? I would like to thank Councilor Frisch for bringing this motion forward and to urge Council to pass it in 2016.

Lauren Sipone



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