GE Free Comox Valley

Say No to GMO

2016 wish list

Every day I give thanks for this beautiful Valley I call home and my deepest wish is that it will stay that way.

I wish for a pristine estuary, home to thousands of local and migrating shorebirds feeding on a shoreline unpolluted by Roundup and other noxious pesticides

I wish for another year of CSA boxes brimming with an amazing selection of locally grown organic veggies and fruit

I wish for hardware stores stocked with fertilizers and pesticides free of harmful chemicals.

I wish dairy farmers success with using natural practices, making their farms more sustainable and milk products healthier.

I wish for increased public awareness of the importance of preserving our wetlands and forests.

I wish wisdom and courage to our politicians to plan and act for the health of all their constituents showing foresight and leadership without bias to economic pressures.

I wish all Comox Valley residents to have a successful and joyful 2016 with clean drinking water and abundant local healthy food.

Jenny Gohl   Record published on Dec 31,2015  cropped-09-22.jpg


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