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GE Free procurement is easy to adopt:letter in Record Jan 14,2016

GE free procurement is easy to adopt

A GFree (genetically engineer free)  preferential procurement policy is being considered at Courtenay City Hall (Record Oct 23,2015) 

It  will apply to City Hallwhen it buys food for its own events or buys plants  for city beautification. It will not affect  anyone else’s purchasing decisions (Just like  mother shopping for her own family).  

   Some say that a GE Free procurement policy is impossible to implement. I think that it is not only possible, but easy to do and it is the way of the future. The label GMO is often used interchangeably with GE. GE ( Genetic engineering) is the technique whereas the product is often referred  to as GMO (genetically modified organism.)   

 The Market   obeys consumers demand for healthier choicesTen years ago  it was hard to find organic/GMO free products in major grocery chains but now there is  a Green aisle in Superstore, and organic chicken and fruits and veggies in Costco.It is becoming  easier and easier to find GMO Free products. 

 TheNON-GMO label, a small colorful stamp of an orange butterfly against a blue sky, is found on  many packaged goods. It is a third party certification that no genetically engineered ingredients were used to produce this product. The price of these products are similar to conventional brands.Since the Federal governments of US and Canada do not have a strong GMO labelling policy, this Non-GMO Project, started in 2007, fills the gap to provide consumers with non gmo choices. 

 As local caterers and restaurants vie to fulfil the demand of customers and increasingly promote organic content to attract clientele, it is obvious that a GE Free procurement  is not only doable but desirable.  Let Courtenay City Hall be among the leaders in this forward looking policy.   

 Linda Cheu, 




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