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GE Free Purchase Policy for Cumberland,BC

Sign Our Petition for a GE Free Comox Valley

Sign Our Petition for a GE Free Comox Valley

 Media Release: GE Free Purchasing Policy  for Cumberland

Cumberland Village Council can take an active leadership role in building a healthier community, according to GE Free Comox Valley , by  incorporating  a GE Free purchasing policy into its Declaration of a Healthy Environment  endorsed on March 9th 2015.

This policy would require that any purchase which the Village Hall makes, be it trees, flowers for village  beautification, and any food that is purchased for Village Council events, be free of genetically engineered material whenever possible. 

In 2013, the Association of Vancouver Island Coastal Communities (AVICC) passed a pro-GE Free resolution by a strong show of hands. The City of Duncan has adopted such a policy in 2013, for its City Hall purchases.

A GE Free purchasing policy would be a prime  example  of endorsing the precautionary principle in practice  and would fit  hand in glove with  the Village’s Corporate strategic Priorities of  pursuing actions and initiatives that contribute toward a healthy environment This policy would also encourage local purchases and support local economy claimed the group.

Susan Holvenstot, a GE Free CV members, says there may ‘always be some controversy on the health and science sides of this issue, but a growing number of consumers and local businesses want healthier and GE Free products. The economics are clear. GE Free is good for the CV”

The group is circulating a manual petition and an on-line petition on its web site, asking the Village Council to endorse  a GE Free Procurement Policy. It plans to delegate to Village Council on this issue soon. The  Council of the Village of Cumberland will lead by example when implementing   such a policy in its administration according to the group.

GE Free Comox Valley , a small non-profit group, collaborates with local growers, farmers, chefs, food retailers and community groups to educate about genetically engineered products. They can be contacted at; phone 250-331-0681; Web site:


FMI contact Linda Cheu 250-331-0681 or Linda Safford 240 336-8429


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