GE Free Comox Valley

Say No to GMO

Hooray for Costco!!

Costco  replied” that currently  Costco does not sell any  GMO produce in stores in Canada and has no  plans to do so as of now.” Mar14, 2017

GE Free Comox Valley members  presented  letters from CV residents  to local grocers, stating customers preference that GMO  apple, fish and potato must be labelled  on the store shelves.  4 Grocers were each  given the 30 odd letters. Costco replied  the very next day  .

Costco’s support for Non GMO produce is inspiring to other retailers and  will make shopping at Costco a much more pleasant experience knowing their  internal  GMO- Free policy.

Attached is the letter which  you can download and redesign for your local grocers.

We consumers must act  NOW to make our voices heard. This is one way we can support the Bill C 291 which is currently (Mar-Ap 2017) being debated in the House of Commons,the bill calling for Mandatory Labelling of GMO Foods.

Linda Cheu has shared a file with you. To view it, click the link below.
Local Grocers not to sell GE fish apple (1)

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