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Pass Bill C-291 to Label GMOs

Take action before May 5!

In two weeks, your Member of Parliament will vote for – or against – Private Member’s Bill C-291 to establish mandatory labelling of genetically modified (GM) foods. Please contact your MP this week:

CBAN’s Bill C-291 Action Kit has background information and tools to share information in your community including a flyer, poster and a hard-copy petition.

Also, May 4 on Twitter:

Take action with CBAN, Kids Right to Know and people across Canada.

For more information, visit

Breaking News!

Company wants to build world’s first GM fish factory, in Canada!

The company AquaBounty is asking the PEI government to approve its plans to construct the world’s first GM fish factory. The company initially said it wanted to produce genetically modified Atlantic salmon in Panama, using GM fish eggs from PEI, but the Government of Panama has not yet approved it for commercial growing. Last year, the company repeatedly told Islanders that it would not grow the GM fish in PEI – now it wants to produce 250 metric tons of GM Atlantic salmon every year.

Check for news and action.

International Monsanto Tribunal advisory opinion delivered

On April 18, five legal experts delivered their advisory opinion in the International Monsanto Tribunal. The Tribunal heard testimony from 28 witnesses from across the world and concluded that Monsanto has engaged in practices which have negatively impacted the right to a healthy environment and the right to health, and that Monsanto’s conduct is negatively affecting the right to freedom indispensible for scientific freedom.

The Tribunal also assessed that international law should assert the protection of the environment and the crime of ecocide and concluded that, “if such a crime of ecocide were recognized in international criminal law, the activities of Monsanto could possibly constitute a crime of ecocide. Several of the company’s activities may fall within this infraction such as…the large-scale use of dangerous agrochemicals in industrial agriculture; and the engineering, production, introduction and release of genetically engineered crops.”

What’s next?

Stop the Mega-Mergers: Bayer is in the process of buying Monsanto but the Canadian government, and governments around the world, need to approve the merger.

Updates on GM crops and herbicides

Sales of herbicides in Canada have increased by 130% since the introduction of genetically engineered (also called genetically modified or GM) herbicide-tolerant crops (see CBAN’s GMO Inquiry report on the environmental impacts of GM crops). 86% of all GM crops around the world are herbicide-tolerant and most of are glyphosate-tolerant. In Canada, farmers grow GM glyphosate-tolerant corn, canola, soy, white sugar beet and a very small amount of GM glyphosate-tolerant alfalfa.

  • In the latest news, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency tested 3,188 food samples and detected glyphosate 29.7% of the time with residues above the Maximum Residue Limits in 1.3% of the samples. However, 3.9% of grain samples had residues above the MRL. Click here to read the story.
  • CBAN submitted comments to the Pesticide Management Regulatory Agency on their Proposed Cumulative Risk Assessment Framework. We said: “The role of herbicide-tolerant crops needs to be fully incorporated into pesticide exposure assessment, and the environmental assessment of GM crops…In fact, there is an urgent need to assess the potential long-term and system-wide health and environmental impacts of herbicide-tolerant cropping systems because new corn and soy varieties with stacked GM traits for tolerance to multiple herbicides are commercially available in Canada for the first time this year, and because a new (the fifth) GM glyphosate-tolerant crop (alfalfa) was also recently commercially released.” See our comments here.

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Lucy Sharrat

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Canadian Biotechnology Action Network

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