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Sobeys joins the GMO Free club !!

Wonderful news!!

Sobeys will not carry  GMO apple, fish and Potato on their shelves.!! Hurray Hurray!!

Despite the shocking news that unlabelled GM salmon is now for sale in Canada, a personal communication from Sobeys would appear to offer some positive reassurance.

In response to a customer query about GM salmon, potatoes and apples,Keri Scobie, Director, Communications-Western Canada, Sobeys Inc,states, “…we have no plans to add these genetically modified products to our assortment”.  See letter below.
GM products have been in our grocery carts for the last decade in the form of ingredients in processed food, but GM salmon, potatoes and apples are the first whole foods to be produced for direct human consumption. A government motion for mandatory labelling was voted down in May 2017 so consumers must campaign for themselves with regard to these products.
Currently only Costco and IGA Quebec  have an official position to not carry GM whole foods. The letter from Sobeys is a hopeful sign that they will follow suit.

Sobey's letter 2017 - Redact-1


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