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CBAN ‘s data used by USDA report

The US Dept of Agriculture has released its report on biotechnology in Canada. The report does three things:

1. Showcase how important the work of CBAN is:

  • (Under section on GE animals) “Canada has groups lobbying the government against GE animals, most notable is the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network which has organic and ecological farming groups, environmental groups, and international anti-GE groups amongst its members.”
  • “Currently major retail grocery chains such as Metro, IGA, and Provigo have stated that they will not be selling GE products at their seafood counters, while Costco, Walmart, and Loblaws have indicated they currently have no plans to sell GE seafood when questioned about retail sales of AquAdvantage Salmon.”
  • The USDA mentions the sales of GM fish to “Quebec and/or Ontario” and this is not sourced but it is from CBAN’s research.

2. Provide some new info on GE plantings such as:

  • GE soybean area is up 44% this year from last year due to expansion of soybean plantings into Manitoba and Saskatchewan
  • GE corn area is increasing  because of Manitoba and Alberta plantings
  • Canola area in Canada has now surpassed wheat for the first time

3. Provide a run-down on GE plantings in Canada including confirming information that CBAN has on the market status of GM crops:

  • Confirm that GM potatoes could be planted this year.
  • Confirmed that GM alfalfa plantings in 2017 were less than 5000 acres.
  • Confirm no GM apples grown in Canada yet and no immediate plans.

Lucy Sharratt, Coordinator
Canadian Biotechnology Action Network (CBAN)
Collaborative Campaigning for Food Sovereignty and Environmental Justice
Phone 902 852 5555

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