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GMOs in 2018 -Webinar Ap 25th .

GMOs in 2018: What’s the latest on biotech in our food systems?
Presented by the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network
Canada is the fourth largest producer of genetically modified (GM, also called genetically engineered) crops, and now Canadians are the first in the world to eat a genetically modified fish. What GM foods are we eating, and what’s next? What can we already conclude about the impacts and risks of GM crops and foods in Canada after twenty years?
Join the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network for a run down if the most relevant updates, and a brief response to industry’s key public relations messages including the argument that we need GM crops to feed the world. 

Three CBAN speakers will be presenting “GMOs in 2018” via Food Secure Canada on

April 25 at 1:00-2:00 EST: Lucy Sharratt, CBAN Coordinator; Eric Chaurette, Inter Pares; and Genevieve Grossenbacher, USC Canada – please see below – you can also see more info and register here:


Lucy Sharratt, Coordinator
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