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Sign the Petition to ask  Fast Food & Food Retailers to reject genetically modified (GM/GE) potatoes in Canada.

 The Canadian government approved in March 2016, a genetically modified/genetically engineered (GM/GE) potato called “Innate” from the company Simplot.  This potato could
be grown in Canada this season and be in stores and restaurants by the fall.  The (GM/GE) potato has its browning gene silenced and an amino acid modified.

If ONE GENE is silenced, modified or changed, then the whole gene structure is altered, with unknown consequences.  Yet developers rarely study these collateral effects and consumers are left in the dark about long term outcomes of eating GM/GE food.

Food that is fabricated for ease of production and increase in sales rarely has human health in its equation.  Just because it is approved does not mean there is commercial acceptance for this product.

Please ask your restaurants and food retailers to reject this genetically modified/genetically engineered (GM/GE) non-browning potato as a sign of good faith to respect your health and well being.

Ban GMOs

GM foods are approved for human consumption based on company-produced science. The data is secret and is not peer-reviewed by independent scientists. Health Canada does not do its own testing. There is no mandatory labeling in Canada, and no tracking or monitoring of possible health impacts.


GE Alfalfa

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has recently approved one variety of genetically engineered alfalfa: a herbicide tolerant (Roundup Ready) alfalfa from Monsanto/Forage Genetics International. This means that one variety of GM alfalfa is now legal to sell in Canada. There could be more varieties approved over the summer (the process is completely secret). However, GM alfalfa seeds are not yet on the market in Canada.

  • Go to to learn more and send a letter
  • Send an email to your politicians


GM Apple

The small BC company called Okanagan Specialty Fruits received approval from Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) for a GM “non-browning” apple. The U.S. government first approved the GM apple early in 2015 and Canada followed quickly on its heels in the spring of 2015. Contamination from GM apples threatens the future of our apples, and the farmers who grow them.

  • Go to to learn more and send a letter
  • Send an email to your politicians


GE Salmon

The U.S. company AquaBounty is asking the U.S. to approve its genetically engineered (GE, also called genetically modified or GM) Atlantic salmon for human consumption and says it will soon ask for approval in Canada. The company claims its “AquAdvantage” salmon grow to market-size twice as fast as other farmed salmon. That’s because the Atlantic salmon are engineered with a growth hormone gene from Chinook salmon and genetic material from ocean pout (an eel-like creature).

  •  Go to to learn more and send a letter
  • Send an email to your politicians


Sweet Corn

Genetically modified (GM) sweet corn is now being grown by some farmers who are selling at roadside stands, at Farmers’ Markets, and through some grocery stores. This a new GM crop from Monsanto – the sweet corn is designed to be insect resistant (its toxic to insects!) and herbicide tolerant (its used with Roundup herbicide!).

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This month when you go shopping for your corn on the cob for your BBQ, ask the produce manager whether the Sweet Corn is NON G M and to make sure it is NON GM for next year. Click on the picture above for more information about the dangers

  • Go to to learn more
  • Ask your grocer, produce manager and local farm if their corn is GM and ask them if they can get GE free corn in the future.
  • Send an email to your politicians

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