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July 1st GE Free Comox Valley Booth a happening place!

156 GE Free Consumer power panel July 1 15. GE Free Free Purchase policy Courtenay Panel GE Free kidstent July 1 ,15 GE Free T shirt in boothJuly 1Photos by Linda Cheu

What great energy at the GE Free Comox Valley booth on Canada Day in Courtenay!  Gaylene cooked up a great combo of Consumer Power and Canadian pride with a colourful display, then organized a fabulous activity for kids.

While the youngun’s painted apple stamps to create colourful prayer flags, the guardians chatted about taking action by telling their retail managers they don’t want to see the GE apple in their stores.

Then there was the game to spot the GE products in two baskets – highlighting the problem of the pervasiveness of GE products in our food, as well as the difficulty of consumer choice when there is no mandatory labeling.

With the aid of our storyboard, visitors learned about our local initiative to have an important institution take leadership and show the way, so we all benefit. Many people signed our petition or wrote postcards to Courtenay Council to support the adoption of a GE Free Purchasing Policy for City Hall.

All in all, the day was fun and successful.  Look for us at other events!